[Wolves] Sparkes is alive!

Re-LoaD reload at brum2600.net
Fri Apr 24 13:26:29 UTC 2009

dick_turpin wrote:
> Hi All
> Just as I was begining to come to the conclusion that Gwibber and the
> whole Micro Blogging tidal wave was begining to get on my nerves out of
> the blue I received a notification that "Sparkes is following you on
> Twitter" after leaping round the room and doing the "ArchLinux is the
> best waggle-bum dance" I sent him a direct message which produced so
> quick fired emails back and forth.
> For those who don't know what the heck I'm on about, Sparkes AKA Stephen
> Parkes is one of the founding members of Wolves-Lug and LugRadio. He is
> IMO a great guy who (Used to) never mince his words or sensitivities.
> This was never malicious and generally only occured when you was wrong
> and he was right.
> Its been well over 2 years since I personally had any contact with him
> so was chuffed to bits when he found my profile in the 'Miserable lazy
> gits' section of Twitter, Sparkes has been following our progress via
> the archives and is considering rejoining the list.
> I for one hope he does.

I'll second that !!  Sparkes is top.... Be good to see you Dude !!

> dick_turpin is a happy man today :-)


Re-LoaD just is

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