[Wolves] Call to all Members

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Wed Apr 29 16:22:36 UTC 2009

dick_turpin wrote:
> Adam Sweet wrote:

>>> 2. Under the section *Distributions Used*  in the About section of your
>>> profile please use this code: <p><a
>>> href="http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/node/80">Archlinux</a> <a
>>> href="http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/node/80">openSUSE</a></p>
>> Done.
> Yeah, in a bleedin list view! Tut typical, look how much scroll usage
> you've increased you could've put em in a line, huff.

Resolved. I pasted your code out of my mail client, it created line
breaks in the spaces so I din't know they weren't intentional on your part.

> From the film Spartacus;
> "I'm Adam Sweet" "No I'm Adam Sweet" I'M ADAM SWEET" ;-)

I wish that many people wanted to be me. It would mean I could trade
with somebody.


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