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2009/4/30 Ron Wellsted <ron at wellsted.org.uk>:
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> DragonMaster wrote:
>>   Has anyone used Ubuntu 9.04 yet?  I upgraded to it yesterday, and
>> suddenly my Trust 7300 graphic tablet sprang into life ;-) Well happy
>> now :lol:
>>   All I need to do now is get my Adobe CS3 package to run in crossover or
>> Wine and I will be deliriously happy...
> Yep (have done since the RC).  On my Fujitsu Li1718 laptop everything
> "Just Works", - the first time ever! no more building customised
> drivers.  For Hardy, I had to re-compile acerhk and madwifi, Intrepid it
> was only madwifi. now I just had to ensure that the acerhk module is loaded.
> CS3 - how does this compare to Gimp + Kompozer/Bluefish?
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I can tell you, the support for tablets has been greatly improved, and
yes... Macromedia Studio 8 works _FLAWLESSLY_ in Wine 2.1.19 (or
whatever it is, it ends in 19) .

I'm going to try CS4 when I'm at home, but if you have access to
Macromedia Studio 8, (which is not much different) it works pefectly.

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