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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Aug 5 15:43:41 UTC 2009

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DragonMaster wrote:
> I've posted a query on the mysql forum, but thought I would tap the fonts
> of all knowledge as well :-)
> I've got a small database - about 14 million records and I run a weekly
> update on it which takes about 18 hours to run.  I've read that disabling
> the keys on the table, running the updates and then enabling the keys
> should be faster as the enable keys function uses a different algorithm.
>   However, when I have done this, the rebuild takes 27 hours! - and that's
> without actually making any changes to the data!  Any ideas as to why
> this would be?

It depends a lot on what you're doing to the data.

If you're doing a bulk insert (or perhaps update) then it would make
sense to disable the keys.

If your rebuild is using select statements then it won't... as removing
the indexes will mean it will take longer for mysql to find data

I'd suggest you try removing individual indexes - each one you remove
will make an update/insert/delete quicker - and a select slower :)

Also remember that if a table has an index on (a,b), you don't also need
an index on (a)... as MySQL can re-use the (a,b) index for (a) lookups.


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