[Wolves] Free to good home.

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Mon Dec 7 09:27:46 UTC 2009

Kris Douglas wrote:
>> *) 10 quite nasty 1u rack servers (1.2 GHz P3 approx, 1 PATA disk, 512MB
>> RAM), most working, some for spares only.
> I wouldn't mind taking a couple of these machines off your hands... As
> soon as the word nasty was mentioned i was practically in. =]. Say 3?
> :)

<from other email>

 > Actually, Ad, can I possibly have 4 of those 1U's?

</from other email>

Yes. I'll have to check how many are working and save 2 for James, you 
can have the rest. There should be enough. I advise taking one of the 
non-working ones for spares, that's not just because I'm trying to get 
rid of them ;)

>> *) 3 x 1.4 GHZ AMD PCs. 512MB RAM and 20 GB disks I think. Generously
>> donated by Ron but I can't legitimise hanging on to them any longer.
> Would make some nice test LTSP machines and messabout units. Would it
> be mean of me to say i would take 2? :) I'll take the three if you
> want :)

Yes, you can have them all.

> Could I please have O2k and NT4?

Yes. They are genuine CDs, not sure I have the serials though, they were 
given to me as part of somebody else's clear out.


Adam Sweet



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