[Wolves] Ubuntu 9.10 install

Mo Awkati mawkati at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 14 17:56:45 UTC 2009

>Mo Awkati wrote:

>Hi Mo

>Silly question, you may have already been asked it, have you tried 
>downloading and burning another 9.10 iso the one you have may be duff?

>Also doe's 9.10 have a 'safe mode' install? from memory of my UNR, which 
>I'm on now, and the 'Live install' at work I don't think it does? Maybe 
>an ACPI=OFF blah blah blah.

>I've not read all the responses to the thread so sorry if I'm talking 
>cobblers. I think you need to worry about *getting Ubuntu on* before 
>worrying about wifi ect. Maybe as has been suggested (I agree you 
>shouldn't have to in this day and age) do a text only install getting 
>the base system on then build it up from there.

>I also agree with you its ridiculous if Mandriva loads and runs and 
>Ubuntu refuses but TBF I've seen that myself over the years e.g. RH will 
>SuSE wont blah blah blah..

>I could of course say "Install Arch Linux, you know it make sense" but 
>I've my Ubudubu fanboy hat on tonight. Finally if it was me I would try 
>smearing the blood of a virgin goat on it, works for me :-)

Hi Peter

I haven't downloaded another version. 

I tried the safe mode and that didn't work either. I saw on the Ubuntu support site that you could give some parameters at start up, I followed the instructions but nothing happened. I could not get it to a stage where I can specify the parameters.

The only option for me that I thought about after is to back up all my data and upgrade through the package manager. But first  I will download another version of 9.10 and see what happens, and if that fails then the suggestion about the goat might be an option!!


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