[Wolves] Fedora 12

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Thu Dec 24 19:21:19 UTC 2009

Mo Awkati wrote:

>> Hi Folk
>> I have this afternoon installed Fedora 12. I am so impressed with it that I have swapped over to it now. Installed the applications that I use and all working great. Backed up all my files onto an external drive. I think I will keep my files on the drive and back them regularly to another external usb drive. This way I can always access my docs whatever main drive I use and whatever distro I use. 
>> This is the beauty of Linux: choice. 
>> Mo

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I too have found Fedora 11 fantastic; normally I'm a gentoo guy. I've
been looking at alternatives to redhat enterprise for a while (thinking
about the RHCE exam), I've tried CentOS and fedora. I know that fedora is
the testing ground, but I do like it very much so, but to replace
gentoo? (Choice kicking in again...NO ;))

Oh, merry xmas too to those that celebrate.

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