[Wolves] FW: HP says UK doesn't want Linux;

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 00:37:03 UTC 2009

Broadfield Robert wrote:
> In the news this week, HP as decided that UK netbook users don't want
> Linux. The PC manufacturer is launching its new Mini 1000 Mi Edition
> netbook in the US, which comes with a custom Ubuntu Linux operating
> system. However, HP has decided that UK consumers will suffice with the
> netbooks that are already in the nation's stores, both of which run on
> Windows XP.
> http://newsletter.computershopper.co.uk/c/12uB5OiOQahkMwEoYFv
>  - **Just to upset you all about HP.**  :=[
Strange, because when I was trying to buy an Eee PC 901 with Linux there 
weren't any anywhere but the XP version was available all over. The 901 
screen failed. I would have bought a Dell but they didn't have the high 
spec model in Linux flavour so I bought an Eee 1000 with Linux. I like 
the 10.2" keyboard much more though I didn't really notice the bigger 
screen (at the same resolution.)

I think one problem is that people who want Linux buy the Windows 
version and install Linux themselves so they can re-sell it to anyone. 
Unfortunately this policy allows idiots like HP to make claims like 
this. The Dell website changes regularly. They seem to be in the process 
of introducing a new low-end laptop so the absence of Linux could be a 
temporary glitch. They seem to hide the Linux options quite well too so 
that people don't buy them accidentally then complain that their games 
won't run on it.


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