[Wolves] Congratulations to all involved

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 23:14:07 UTC 2009

Dave Morley wrote:
> http://www.heise-online.co.uk/open/OpenStreetMap-Birmingham-digital-remapping-complete--/news/112597
> I thought this was worthy of a mention.  Congrats to everyone that made
> this possible :)
Well done Dave. I intended to mention this here and forgot.

I've been planning to buy myself a GPS unit since Ron took me mapping 
around Wolves a year ago. I've uploaded my first track this week after 
discovering that in that year software has been written to make Mrs. 
Woo's TomTom One store tracks compatible with OSM. I like free! OSM says 
that one of my near neighbours is a certain Mr. noBacon. Small world, 
eh? Does this mean I can get to California on a bus now?


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