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Thu Jan 1 09:12:50 UTC 2009

2008/12/31 Adam Sweet <adam at adamsweet.org>:

> Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2009 brings you everything 2008 couldn't.

This New Year should be interesting, while walking the dog this
morning at 7.00am I met three blokes (at various points on my route)
two had no coat or at least a decent jumper and one was walking home
with just socks on his feet!

Is this a portent of things to come?

I saw a sad sight on Tuesday, Woolworths (Bloxwich) was chucking out
perfectly good stuff like Kettles, Irons and various electrical goods.
They had a skip in the side road where crowds had gathered to pillage
the contents that the poor employee was chucking out some had even
taken up residence in the cafe opposite and watched eagerly cup of tea
in hand for the next deposit, threw their cup of char down and ran
across the road to leap in the skip and haul their loot back to the
cafe where they proceeded to exhibit the wares with pride to other
euphoric revellers.

What a sad testament on human nature, I thought, reminded me of
vultures picking over a carcass that they had not been brave enough to
kill themselves in the first place if they needed a kettle so bad
maybe if they had gone into Woolworths and purchased the bloody thing
it might not of gone bust.

Mind you I'm just as bad, Woolworths (Cannock) was selling a humongous
plasma screen for £30.00 I was livid that I'd missed that one ;-)

Happy New Year


Dick Turpin
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