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>>> Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2009 brings you everything 2008 couldn't.
>> This New Year should be interesting, while walking the dog this
>> morning at 7.00am I met three blokes (at various points on my route)
>> two had no coat or at least a decent jumper and one was walking home
>> with just socks on his feet!
>> Is this a portent of things to come?
>> I saw a sad sight on Tuesday, Woolworths (Bloxwich) was chucking out
>> perfectly good stuff like Kettles, Irons and various electrical goods.
>> They had a skip in the side road where crowds had gathered to pillage
>> the contents that the poor employee was chucking out some had even
>> taken up residence in the cafe opposite and watched eagerly cup of tea
>> in hand for the next deposit, threw their cup of char down and ran
>> across the road to leap in the skip and haul their loot back to the
>> cafe where they proceeded to exhibit the wares with pride to other
>> euphoric revellers.
>> What a sad testament on human nature, I thought, reminded me of
>> vultures picking over a carcass that they had not been brave enough to
>> kill themselves in the first place if they needed a kettle so bad
>> maybe if they had gone into Woolworths and purchased the bloody thing
>> it might not of gone bust.
>> Mind you I'm just as bad, Woolworths (Cannock) was selling a humongous
>> plasma screen for £30.00 I was livid that I'd missed that one ;-)
>> Happy New Year
> Woolworth's sowed the seeds of their own downfall about 20 years ago.
> They cut back drastically on the number of ranges of items they sold.
> At one time you could guarantee to go into Woolies and get what you
> wanted no matter how obscure.  Austrailan Woolworth's you still can...
> if they are still in business?  Are they run separately?
> Ok, answered my own question.
> http://www.woolworths.com.au/
> Now that is how Woolworth's should be.  It was amazing walking into
> their when I was over there in 2000/2001  it was like stepping back in
> time to the real proper Woolworth's.

Woolworths deserved to go, even when I was a kid ( 50's -60's)
Woolworth was a synonym for rubbish.

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