[Wolves] Is it me Sir?

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon Jan 26 10:39:03 UTC 2009

Hi All

Despite my daughters schools efforts to ensure they get a progressive
education, which in laymen's terms means they leave as crack heads with
the numeracy skills of a mollusc and the reading ability of a baboon
Hannah and Monique have done pretty well so far.

The IT lessons  have always been a source of amusement to myself over
the years  I remember the time the girls wanted to run a Live Fedora
disc "Its against school policy to use pirated software, Linux, what's
that then?" or last year when the so called teacher said "OK everyone I
have something new for you which the school is going to provide you with
free of charge its an office package called Open Office"

"Its OK sir we don't need that we've had that at home for like 7 odd years"

The latest one is sort of the icing on the cake, four years ago every
parent had a letter telling them their offspring needed a USB pen drive
to use for school and home work (Does every child have a computer at
home?) of course the school was selling drives at a slight mark-up which
is fine in my book.

So last week everyone had to hand over their USB's for testing! (Not
sure if that's strictly legal but anyway) "Our systems are infected and
we want to find out who infected us". After testing the drives a friend
of Moniques appears to have had a Trojan so of course the poor girl is
being blamed for everything including the black death. The use of USB
drives has now been banned which begs some questions;

1. Surely they have some AV protection? (After all what did they test
the drives with?)
2. What happens now with all this school/home work?
3. Are they going to reimburse everyone who purchased a school one?

No wonder the council is itching to sell it to a developer for a quick
Zillion Dollar note.

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