[Wolves] Is it me Sir?

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon Jan 26 12:47:37 UTC 2009

David Goodwin wrote:
> Witch! Burn her!
Interestingly I've not been to a good Witch burning in a while, Sneyd
School does have a boating lake, methinks the Ducking Stool could be of use.
> Well quite. It's perhaps possible that :
> a) The kids can turn off A/V scanning and have realised this leads to a
> marked increase in performance
Na, I bet they don't have any AV
> b) The school can't afford A/V licenses for all computers
Um would an IT teacher know of Clam AV?
> or
> c) The school are incompetent and don't have the virus definitions
> updated.
I'd go with no AV at all!
> Floppy disks! They're the way forward....
I've heard of them, they are compact and thin so you can get a fair few
in your lunch box.
Listen if Solid State can make a come back I see no reason why floppies
cant. How about Reel to Reel?
> Hah! What planet are you on?
Planet Sarcastic ;-)
> It sounds like you could make some money 'sorting out' the schools
> network.....
You must be joking, I never sell to Education waaay too much agro you
have to fill in forms then there is 'Central Purchasing' you end up
selling the stuff for 50p and taking as much paracetamol as your body
can handle.

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