[Wolves] Office Space on Film 4 tonight

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Mon Jun 15 11:35:57 UTC 2009

Those of you who have heard Chris O'Rawe and myself going on about the
film Office Space will be pleased to hear it's on Film 4 tonight, 9pm I
think but don't quote me.

It is an essential geek cult classic these days, it's like The Office
but about dissatisfied IT workers in a middling, faceless, American
company who are facing redundancy. It was made by Mike Judge, maker of
Beavis and Butthead, but generally the parallels end there.

Just a few classic moments to savour are:

Michael Bolton - no relation
The red stapler
Lumbergh and his permanently attached mug
"Yeah, I'm going to have ask you to... go ahead and come in on Saturday
and I'm going to have to ask you to... go ahead and come in on Sunday"
The Bobs
The printer
The magazine salesman
The discussion on white collar prisons vs the other kind of prisons
Pieces of flair
Case of the Mondays
The next door neighbour and the thin walls
"Every day is worst than the last, so every time you see me, it's the
worst day of my life"

It's hilarious, probably more so when you think about it than when
you're watching it. It didn't do particularly well when it was released
but it's now a cult classic.

Watch it if you can, or at least record it and watch it some other time.
It's on Sky, Freeview and probably Cable too.


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