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Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Mon Jun 15 14:00:57 UTC 2009

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Adam Sweet wrote:
> After a bit of head scratching and pondering over a ~£190 Cisco 877
> which was recommended to me, I took a recommendation from Ron and got a
> BT Business hub, which is a 2Wire 2700HGV under the covers. It's tied to
> BT but you can play tricks on it to allow it to use any ISP, stop it
> upgrading to undesirable firmware versions and boosting the wireless
> signal strenth:
> http://bt2700hgv.tripod.com/ir1002700HGV.htm
> For £20 inc delivery it was worth a punt and it seems to be working
> fine, took a little getting used to but it seems ok so far. I'm hopeful
> that it might be better on a line with signal quality issues. If anyone
> else thinks about trying it, note that it doesn't do UPnP, which is a
> very good thing for security according to Re-LoaD, but might make some
> apps stop working properly until you figure out what needs to be allowed
> in and out of the firewall.

Glad to hear that it is working OK.

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