[Wolves] Is it possible...

Re-LoaD reload at brum2600.net
Mon Jun 22 19:23:29 UTC 2009

Octavio Augusto Sánchez Velázquez wrote:
> Is it possible to use some programs like bash or tr or sed or some stuff
> like that to make kind of language processing?

Yes kind of, but bash (or shell of choice) tr, sed, awk etc.. are dumb 
and do not understand a written language construct.  You can do simple 
substitution etc.. i.e. field description on a data entry form or button 
names in a web app..

now you mention "some stuff" well with "some stuff" you can do lots of 
things including language processing.

To offer further help I would need more of an idea of what you are 
trying to do..



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