[Wolves] I really hate Zen Cart (Rant)

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Mar 3 10:18:34 UTC 2009

Hi All

So we've spent some bucks and purchased *The Zen Cart Book*
Now we could have gone for the downloadable version but then that's 300
odd pages which even on a colour laser would be expensive to print off
and seeing as I hate that crappy maximise/minimise routine when trying
to do something we went for the paper back version.

"So what's your beef?" I hear you say, well I'm wondering what we will
be getting for our £27.79 seeing as once you've placed your order
(Interesting concept  by the way, give further info 'after' the
purchase) there is a message that it will take *five days* to print your
book? Huh?

What's the betting we get a print out version stapled together with a
picture cover glued to the front that's been drawn in crayon?

Bloody open source books now is it?

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