[Wolves] eeepc 2g surf

roundyz at hotmail.ru roundyz at hotmail.ru
Sun Mar 8 13:08:58 UTC 2009

This is for sale. There are a few issues hence the price.

The ssd dosn't work inside, the buttons on the trackpad are a bit dodgy
and one of the usb ports are faulty (there are 2 others).Other than
these it works fine. The case is in good condition too.


The unit is white, has wireless,batery, boxed, charger, etc.
At the moment I have puppy linux running from a 2gb sd card, runs fine.
You can however use easypeasy (ubuntu like) or any other distro that
supports root fs from a usb/sd device (nearly most now..)

Any questions or info please email.
Matthew Round

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