[Wolves] Test mail

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Thu Mar 12 09:47:46 UTC 2009

Dave Morley wrote:
>> Cool. I'll send you the mail again if it's in my Sent Items. Haven't
>> checked whether Evolution is saving them there.
>> Ad
> Ad if you using imap then you need to specify it iirc
> Edit->Preferences
> Mail Account tab
> Edit your Account
> Defaults tab and change the options there :)

Yeah. Found and re-sent. It wasn't anything important anyway.

Why does Evolution do that? Save sent mail in Sent in the 'On This
Computer' folders instead of under your IMAP hierarchy? I don't want to
save it separately from the rest of my IMAP mail. I don't want mail sent
from one machine unavailable on every other. That makes no sense and to
me, wastes screen real estate and creates psychological clutter with
folders I don't want. I've over-ridden where Sent mail and Drafts are
stored now, so they live in my IMAP tree.

I also seem to have 2 Trash folders in my IMAP account with Evolution,
one under Inbox which is used by Thunderbird and another which seems to
contain most, but not all of the same stuff. I don't why there is a
second one. This is why I've never liked Evolution but I decided to give
it a trial to see what you get out of the Gnome integration, like the
Evolution calendar hooking up to Gnome clock and so on.

Not expecting an explanation, just shouting rhetorically into the wind.


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