[Wolves] AdSense 'Interest Based' advertising

Claire lug at sitesearcher.co.uk
Sat Mar 14 13:17:34 UTC 2009

I was reading about the Doubleclick DART cookie. It seems to be cookie 
based, you're right. I've blocked doubleclick cookies using firefox 
preferences and installed an ad blocker, if it works then I'll look at 
blocking doubleclick at the router. Will let you know. Currently they're 
not getting any ads through which doesn't benefit anybody.

I know about Phorm and bad phorm. I think it's a disgusting abuse of 
privileged access to personal data. I know the EU are currently 
considering pressing the govt into taking action against BT. Kind of 
wonder why they haven't done so already and what implications it has 
that they haven't. Not that I don't have absolute faith in our elected 
officials of course..
The trouble with having a sneakily compiled database of personal 
information, albeit depersonalised for its intended use as far as we 
know, (apart from having the database in the first place) are it's other 

It isn't restricted, as far as I can tell, to account holders, and 
google advertising is pervasive enough to be equivalent to Phorm through 
the back door!

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