[Wolves] Customer Care (moan)

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon Mar 16 11:31:52 UTC 2009

Hi All

So its my 1st day back after having a weeks leave, as usual any problems
have not been dealt with so muggings here has spent the morning
repairing the havoc caused by incompetence.

Last Friday (6/3/09) I left written instructions on what to do with a
Dell Precision 650 (Take the CPU out) and an HP ProLiant DL320.

Now The DL320 turned out to be a Rackmount so what do you think they did

Yep, Nothing!
/me "Did anyone phone the Customer to at least and say can you hang on
till Pete gets back next week?" Course not.

You'd have thought that they would of at least removed the CPU and sent
that as a sort of "Look we know its not everything but here's some of it".
Maybe its just me? Maybe thinking of the Customer and what they will
think is not the right way to promote a business?

P.S. To add insult to injury I've had a notification that Lulu has found
some scrap paper and printed the Zen Cart book off which I should
receive in the next few days. However what had me wetting my pants with
laughter was;

"Thank you for buying the book.

Before you start working on the book, please go to "www.cucumbermedia.com/store" and click on the relevant links in the "Book Support" side-box for Errata, Gotchas and Updates to the book. 

All the best to your web store!"

So I take it the book is out of date/incomplete? Who ever heard of a
support site for a Book! Bloody Zen Cart. >:o

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