[Wolves] MB Recommends Please

Claire lug at sitesearcher.co.uk
Mon Mar 30 15:17:26 UTC 2009

Hi All

I had problems with our main computer this weekend after the cheap and 
nasty Asrock motherboard had I/O problems again and caused the drive to 
become corrupted. I've reinstalled and managed not to lose any data 
*touch wood* but think its time to change the motherboard for something 
a bit better before something really bad happens.

Its a Core 2 Quad Q6600 with 2Gb memory but I'd ideally like something 
which would allow me to upgrade CPU/Memory in the future as 
necessity/funding demands or allows.

Im working to a budget, around £60-£80 tops, which I know is far from 
ideal. PCIe graphics but not bothered about sli/crossfire, SATA drive 
connector, apart from that I'm really open to suggestions!

I've been looking at Asus P5Q, Gigabyte P43 & P45 but motherboards 
aren't something I really keep tabs on so Im quite out of touch with 
what's out there.

Thanks for your help!

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