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John Rose john.aaron.rose at googlemail.com
Fri May 8 07:13:39 UTC 2009

The disk used on my laptop is approximately 40GB. I want to back it up to a
usb 1TB drive, formatted as FAT32 (which also contains films as they're too
big for my laptop's disk). As I understand it, the max file size on a FAT32
device is 4GB.  I don't see any option in gzip to split large resultant gzip
files. The best option seems to me to be to use Partimage, which allows
resultant split files.

So my thoughts are:
to backup the laptop disk partition (only one partition n the disk) to the
usb drive monthly, using th split files option,
to backup the /home directory to the usb drive monthly and occasional
incremental using Simple Backup,
possibly to separate the /home directory into a separate partition.

Is the above the best way to go?

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2009/5/5 Ciarán Mooney <general.mooney at googlemail.com>

> Hi,
> I've set up Simple Backup on my PC at home. It does work very well.
> You can see how many backups have been done by going to the restore
> app in the system menu. It will give you a dropdown menu of available
> backups.
> >> I know it depends on th amount
> >> of data, but we are talking about 4.5G of data, photos, videos etc
> Yes. Depending on how you set it up. If you did incremental backups
> then it will only copy and backup the changes since the last full
> backup. I think I have mine set to do a  full backup every month, and
> incremental ones each day. This means once a month it takes a while
> (hour or two) to backup the entire hard drive, then each other day
> maybe 10-20mins.
> Hope that helps.
> Ciarán
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