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John Rose john.aaron.rose at googlemail.com
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I don't intend to use the usb drive with Windows: even if Id id I would use
the extfs plugin on a Windows PC. At first, I formatted the usb drive as
ext3, but I ran into permissions problems re copying files (using cp) from
/home to it. This seemed to be due to gconf-editor system/storage options.
So I reformatted it as FAT32. I'll try again reformatting it as ext2.

07894 211434

2009/5/8 Kevanf1 <kevanf1 at gmail.com>

> 2009/5/8 John Rose <john.aaron.rose at googlemail.com>:
> > The disk used on my laptop is approximately 40GB. I want to back it up to
> a
> > usb 1TB drive, formatted as FAT32 (which also contains films as they're
> too
> > big for my laptop's disk). As I understand it, the max file size on a
> FAT32
> > device is 4GB.  I don't see any option in gzip to split large resultant
> gzip
> > files. The best option seems to me to be to use Partimage, which allows
> > resultant split files.
> >
> > So my thoughts are:
> > to backup the laptop disk partition (only one partition n the disk) to
> the
> > usb drive monthly, using th split files option,
> > to backup the /home directory to the usb drive monthly and occasional
> > incremental using Simple Backup,
> > possibly to separate the /home directory into a separate partition.
> >
> > Is the above the best way to go?
> >
> > Regards,
> > John
> > 07894 211434
> >
> Hi John.  Now, I'll state right away I have not used this system that
> I'm about to describe.
> Are you using FAT32 because you need to use the 1TB drive with
> Windows?  If so, you have another option that will allow bigger file
> sizes than 4gb.  I believe you can use ext2 as the filesystem with a
> plug in for Windows so that it can read it.  I don't know what the
> file size limit is for ext2 but I'm sure it's a lot bigger than 4gb.
> Would this help?  FAT32 is also very wasteful of space so you'd
> utilise that drive far more efficiently.
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