[Wolves] Best sub £300 Linux Netbook

Stephen Welch stephenw at invictustechnology.co.uk
Sun May 17 20:00:30 UTC 2009

Subject: [Wolves] Best sub Ł300 Linux Netbook

Hi All.  Just been to PC world to try to get a netbook - specifically the
Advent 4213.  However, I was told that putting Linux on it would mean that
half the features wouldn't work, and that it would invalidate the warranty!
Can anyone advise if they have found a netbook that is 100% compatible, AND
has a large HDD (rather than an 8Gb SSD) and 3G compatability.

  I was originally looking at the HP 2133, but this is no longer available

  Your advice and recommendations are, as always, very welcome


Hi You could try this from PARS.


We are about to buy 24 for a school.  They have been spec'd with 80 gb
discs, 2gb ram, 1.3 mp camera, plus the std stuff listed on the spec sheet.

They list the 3g card as an option but I prefer the usb dongle as it gives
you more flexibility with what you want to use it with.  Once had it plugged
into an ADSL2 draytek router for emergency internet access after demon
upgraded an exchange to adsl2 and they screwed it up.

Ours are coming with 3 Years RTB Warranty on the Base Unit, 1 Year RTB
Warranty on Battery!

I think the only diff between the nc 10 is the dedicated 128mb graphics

I have not physically examined these yet but I imagine the build quality is
good.  Getting to look at one Thursday.

We are getting them for circa £364.00 with the warranties, vista business
and xp PRO downgrade which is a must for the school.

It is not sub £300 but if you were to go for xp home and just std warranty
you may get it down.  Failing that haggle!!

Hope this helps.


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