[Wolves] CallerID Software

James Turner james at turnersoft.co.uk
Mon May 18 19:01:12 UTC 2009

Claire wrote:
> Hi
> Way back when, before my epiphany I used to run a Windows program called 
> PhoneTray. It was a useful little app which would display/announce 
> caller id's of incoming phone calls.
> I've been looking for something similar for Linux and drawn a blank. 
> Does anyone know of anything similar?

Ah! This is one of the numerous projects on my (mentally stored) to-do 
list, 99% of which never got started!

If you want a D.I.Y. (develop it yourself) approach based on using a 
suitable analogue modem, see the following page, especially section 27 


Under Linux, install "Minicom" (or an equivalent if you prefer 
otherwise) and connect to the serial port which has the modem attached. 
As per the text, type the "AT" command to enable caller ID (a few 
variants quoted - which to use depends on modem type). You should then 
be able to ring up the line (e.g. from a mobile) and have the CID appear 
in the terminal.

Next stage is to wrap a GUI around this to display the CID information 
in a window or pop-up message, optionally looking up a name from a 
database or directory service or storing a call log.

The following potentially suitable, and also has VoIP support. 
Encouragingly, the status in Sourceforge is listed "Stable/Production", 
although they could perhaps be lying. :)




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