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Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Fri May 22 12:00:29 UTC 2009

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I am now able to offer email addresses in the wolveslug.org.uk domain to

This will simply be a forwarding service.  All email to
yourname at wolveslug.org.uk will be forwarded to the email address you
have registered for your login on the website (A carrot to get people to
 set up a profile on the website!)

Spam protection is provided by RBLs, Greylisting, hostname blacklisting
and Bayesian filtering. All email is virus scanned. Only then is it
passed through for delivery to the relevant recipient.

Conditions of Use
Basically, don't do anything which would result in a visit from law
enforcement officers.
Respect copyright.
DO NOT use it for the mailing list!

If you want to request a wolveslug.org.uk address, please email me OFF
LIST with Your website username.  I will use this for the LHS of your
email address and I will use the email address you registered with for
the forwarding address.

NB - In compliance with current legislation, the date/time, to and from
addresses of all such emails will be logged and retained for 1 year.
Such logs would be made available for search upon receipt of a Court
Order/Search Warrant.

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