[Wolves] PCI graphics card wanted

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sun May 31 22:52:55 UTC 2009

Hi all

Being unable to resist second hand (particularly non x86 for some reason) hardware as I am, I've been given an Acorn Risc PC 600 and a Sun Ultra 30 and a few other bits and pieces. The Risc PC works fine but the Ultra 30 is lacking a VGA graphics adapter.

Does anybody have a spare PCI graphics card? I'd be especially grateful if it had a low-profile bracket but it's not essential. I used to have loads a few years ago but gave them away.

Oh and if anybody wants a working Acorn RISC PC with RISC OS 3.5, keyboard and mouse let me know. 30 MHz ARM 610 CPU and 32MB RAM woo! I think the HD is 512 MB and there is a 486 co-processor with a version of MS-DOS which seems to crash before it starts ;)

Or a Cisco 1600 ISDN router with power supply. Doubt anybody is using ISDN these days but I guess it could be repurposed if you have a spare WIC lying around.





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