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Thu Nov 26 11:52:26 UTC 2009

Ok, I was wrong about it being legal to rip CD's/DVD's that you own.
How bloody long has this being going through whatever process it takes
though?  I honestly thought it had been passed as law something like 4
or 5 + years ago.  Obviously wrong and I accept that.  It's still
damned annoying when the you see/hear the adverts on tv saying "yours
to own on DVD".  As I said, if I truly "own" something then it's mine
to do with as I please.  I'd love to see somebody stand up in court
and say this with the claim that the tv adverts state they "own" the

Ultimately I think we are all agreed that this proposed bill should be
more slanted towards the people out there who are downloading those
'Beyonce' albums and ripping thousands of copies then selling them.
That I perfectly understand the entertainment industry getting upset
about.  Sure, cut their web access off, no problem.  Just make sure
they have the right culprits first though.  Our police and prosecution
system (they are separate entities) are notorious for banging peopel
up or taking legal action against innocents.  I've been a victim of it
myself more than once and it's partly why I have zero respect for the
police force.  Anybody seen that report about the band that was
palying in Burntwood the other day that got arrested and banged up for
12 hours because CCTC operators thought they saw a rifle in a car?
There wasn't one but sense did not prevail at the scene.  Nothing to
do with the internet but just an example of the level of incompetency
in law enforcement :-(


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