[Wolves] Hello and help!

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Sat Apr 3 20:05:13 UTC 2010

On 29/03/10 16:34, Mark Rogers wrote:

> So, summary: wait for Lucid and for Easypeasy to catch up, upgrade, and
> tell him where you guys are in case he has any problems :-)
> Thanks for the info, I gave him links to look at Easypeasy before the
> weekend (look but not touch!) so I'll see what he comes back with.

Just a bit of an update for everyone, installed Lucid on my daughters 
eeePC 900 this afternoon.

Everything seems to work and tbh it seems pretty responsive, I was 
expecting it to run like a dog, sorted out her chat stuff (gmail msn) 
and set her up an Ubuntu one account. She only uses Gmail (Online) so 
there was no need to set up Tbird, coz Evolution is the spawn of Satan :-P

Also installed Chrome from googles site, interestingly this installed 
and ran fine up until (although its clear its for 'normal' machines and 
not netbooks as there is no 'bottom' border) we closed it then the entry 
under "Internet" disappeared so I used the menu editor to stick a manual 
entry in.

So I take back what I said earlier, install Lucid (When its released) 
you should be fine.

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