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Fri Apr 9 12:45:24 UTC 2010

Peter Cannon wrote:

 Start: 18/04/2010 - 10:00am
 End: 18/04/2010 - 4:00pm
 Timezone: Etc/GMT
 This will be the first of a new breed of technical meetings for the group:
 I'm hoping that the day will be a mix of tutorial, information and 
 practical sessions.
 Lunch will be in the form of a buffet style meal. Tea, Coffee and Juice 
 will be available.
 Entry to the event will be ?5 to cover the costs of food and drink, so 
 if you can bring a ?5 pound note it'll make life easier.
 This technical meeting will be based on Python.
 Lincoln House Community Room
 Lincoln House
 Tremont Street
 WV10 0JB
 The Above says is all really speak up now if there are issues with times etc
 1. Dave Morley
 2. Andy D'Arcy Jewell
 3. Amrik Singh
 4. Chris O'Rawe (Will try and make this one)
 5. Alex W
 6. Peter Cannon
 7. Dan Dart (well, I'll try)
 8. Mike
 9. crofty
 10. Adam Sweet
 11. Darren Worrall (a newb!)
 12. John Rose
 13. Mike??
 14. Matthew Round 

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