[Wolves] Well, I thought I'd best say hello.

Richard Barker richard.barker at quietwatercourse.co.uk
Thu Apr 29 21:01:50 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking here for a fair while and thought I'd best introduce
myself.  I'm Richard, I've been using Linux on and off for a few years now
and I'm hoping to get a little more involved if I can, I feel that I'd like
to give something back.

I started with RedHat 6.2 and SuSE.  I tried Mandrake 10 and when Ubuntu
started, I switched to that for a while.  I had some grief with acpi that
led me to CentOS for a while and after a little meandering, I'm running my
laptop on Debian stable and dual booting my desktop between debian stable
and Vista.

I've got some experience with PHP on LAMP, having attended one of Jono
Bacon's courses at OpenAdvantage and used what I learned to build a couple
of systems for previous employer a few years ago.  More recently, I put
together a Python meditation timer and a web based equivalent at

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