[Wolves] printing with Inkscape

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Fri Apr 30 09:41:36 UTC 2010

Mo Awkati wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having trouble printing from Inkscape to my Epson Stylus SX415. I 
> also have the same printing problem with Evince. I had the same problem 
> with Scribus but sorted that out because it offers a separate printing 
> command ( I used lpr and it works fine) all other applications, 
> including GIMP,  print without any problems. I installed Karbon14 to see 
> if I experience the same problem but it works perfectly well.
> After searching on the net it seems that printing from Inkscape and 
> Scribus are  known bugs. Scribus sorted as I said but not Inkscape, and 
> the net has not offered and alternative way to go around the bug.
> I tried to look at the settings from localhost:631, but there is nothing 
> obviously wrong.
> Any idea how I could point Inkscape and Evince in the right direction?
> All the CUPS libs and software are installed.

Hi Mo

Solving CUPS problems is really not one of my areas of expertise, but 
one line of attack is to start Inkscape from the command line, that way 
if it encounters any errors it should at least print them to console.

At the same time run another command prompt and do:

tail -f /var/log//var/log/cups/error_log

You might need to use sudo, it depends on what distro you're running and 
your admin privileges. In the 'tail' console, hit enter a few times to 
give yourself some space between the existing entries and whatever will 

Now try to print something and look in both of your consoles for signs 
of an error. Use CTRL-c to exit the tail command. If the error log 
doesn't show anything, do the same again looking at the other CUPS logs 
in the same directory (just remove the error_log part from the path and 
hit tab twice to see what files are in the same directory, there's no 
real need to look at the historical ones which end in numbers or .gz).

While it won't fix your problem it may well show some error messages you 
can google and paste in here to help diagnose the problem.


Adam Sweet



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