[Wolves] MySQL

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon Aug 2 09:47:06 UTC 2010

Hi All

So who are the MySQL Guru's here? I know Dave Goodwin is but is there 
anyone else?

I want to start learning it properly I can do the simple stuff create a 
db and tables view etc but that's about it. I have a couple of books but 
they are for V4, anyone interested in answering my 2 Bazzilion idiotic 
questions potentially off list?

Question 1
So my book says "Plan out your db before starting to create it" as a 
project I have done this 
http://www.cannon-linux.co.uk/downloads/Stuff/Eset_db_structure.ods does 
that look OK as a structure?

Question 2
Under Licenses and Dates would I need more than one field given that you 
could have more than one product purchased at different times?

I know I can do some tutorials, its a bit easy copying out of a book I 
fancied trying myself.


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