Simon C. Burke simonb at fatsportsman.eu
Wed Dec 15 11:17:41 UTC 2010

>> Sorry for the top post but can anyone suggest the best way to get there (for a non driver), or is it best to just get a taxi?
>> Regards,
>> Simon.
>No seriously I can give you a lift, you can either get down to me or I
>can meet you in town somewhere around 7 ish

I'd consider cycling if I was coming alone and people didnt mind the smell :P.

A lift would be greatly appreicated. Though it would be the SO also, if thats not a problem? 
If not we can head to you, no problem. 

>Where are you travelling from? Someone might offer you a lift.

Im in Wolverhampton City centre itself, which is slowly prooving to be more of a nitemare than a good idea.


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