[Wolves] Does your internet connection slow down during peak?

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 09:30:09 UTC 2010

I used to be with Plusnet (who are now owned by BT and who went
totally rubbish after being bought out by them...) but I've been with
O2 for about a year and a half now.  O2 are bloody awesome!  I have no
download limits, speed for me is around an average of 5mb sometimes
going higher very rarely is any lower.  Ok, I hear some people
laughing at 'only' 5mb.  Our exchange is not yet updated for higher
speeds and we may get cable in 100 years time, no joke.  I know I have
downloaded over 100gb some months (that's actually rare) but bear in
mind this is a family of 5 adults who all do a lot of surfing.  I have
never experienced a slow down or had any nasty warning letters
(e-mails) unlike when I was a Plusnet customer.  All this for 7.50 per
month :-)  I'm happy enough.


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