[Wolves] Our Popey's blog featured on Groklaw newspicks

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Sun May 9 17:20:32 UTC 2010

On 05/09/2010 05:01 PM, David Goodwin wrote:
>> Whoa dude - does *everyone* at Wolves LUG get to be, like, famous?
> Popey's really from somewhere around Southampton/HantsLug (I thought),
> so he's not /really/ a member of WolvesLUG...
> Perhaps.... of course I can hardly talk, I've not been to a meeting in
> /ages/ - if you moved them onto non-Wednesday, I might be able to make it...

David, such heresy! you must not propose things I've proposed in the 
past you'll end up with a reputation like mine. :-)

To be honest its an interesting point, technically popey is not a Wolves 
lug member however he used to be on every mailing list in the UK 
including Wolves Lug so you could say "Former member" but that's 
stretching a point as most if not all of his time was spent 'lurking'.

This leads onto another 'hot potato' is it a prerequisite to live within 
the Wolverhampton catchment area to be a member, is it a governing 
factor that you attend meetings?

For me I'd say that being on the mailing list is enough to bestow the 
honor of being a member and seeing as he aint on it he aint a member :-)

P.S. Andy popey lives in Farnbourgh I think HTH :-)

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