[Wolves] Our Popey's blog featured on Groklaw newspicks

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Sun May 9 18:19:00 UTC 2010

On 05/09/2010 06:37 PM, Stephen Parkes wrote:

> Right at the begining I proposed "Wolverhampton and Black Country LUG"
> since the entire area was devoid of LUGS (and pretty much still is)
> but jono had registered the LUG as Wolves (something I pointed out was
> too connected to the football club to appeal to many people but jono,
> obviously not local ;) hadn't noticed that until it was pointed out)
> about 10 minutes before :)

Trouble is you can go from one extreme to the other, make the name too 
encompassing and you start to get complaints as to the location of 
meetings. This has happened a few times On Staffslug where some of the 
more verbose members have promoted meetings far to the North of the county.

Fortunately this seems to have been resolved recently now they have a 
fixed(Company) meeting location.


> I've always thought the LUG could be hostile to shy outsiders and over
> the years have proposed loads of things to help with this but at the
> end of the day it comes down to who attends the meetings that newbies
> come to because some of us are far much better than others at making
> people feel comfortable.  I'm terrible with new people both when I'm
> on the inside and they come along for the first time and when I go
> somewhere for the first time so I completely understand how this is a
> problem.

I honestly think this has improved over the years possibly because ther 
are not as many *ego's* as there used to be ;-)


> It was actually the problems Peter C had joining the lug (he was wrong
> on so many counts it still hurts to think about it ;) but nobody was
> against his being a member if he just washed his ears out ;) ) that
> reminded me how the noisest people are also the most direct to the
> point and how people could take it the wrong way.  Something I have to
> think about everytime I reply to an email.

Not sure I totally agree with that winkle, off the top of my head I can 
think of at least three things that 8 years down the line I've now been 
proven right on, I await my biggest prediction to come to fruition any 
day now the warning signs are already there.

The past is the past I think Dave does a good job (What is it he does?) 
and we have new members, true the mailing list traffic has dropped off 
to what it used to be but from what I see on the 'List' returns turnouts 
for meetings on the whole are pretty good.

As for Wolves Lug producing famous people, of course it has and will 
continue to do so any fool knows Wolverhampton is the epicenter of the 
Linux universe. :-)

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