[Wolves] Icinga (Nagios)

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Fri May 14 13:28:30 UTC 2010

On 14/05/10 14:09, Stephen Welch wrote:

> This sort of monitoring system is the next big step for me.  I keep
> coming back to Nagios though.  Compared to the others it looks a bit
> more tricky to set up and monitor equipment and services but think it
> looks the best bet to remote monitor (distributed monitoring) clients
> sites and services.  I have used Nagios in a school environment
> without any fuss but I have bought a book to attempt the DM!
> I have demo'd  Zennos as well but nagios seems the best long term bet.
>   I would be interested to hear from others who have used Nagios or  x
> for distributed monitoring?  One of the most important feature for me
> is the reporting - how easy is it to get a decent customer focused
> report off them so I can email through once a month, etc, etc.
> Any shared experience on the report element would also be nice.

Big Ron runs Nagios and has been for a couple of years now. This will be 
my third or fourth attempt at getting it to a stage where I can actually 
monitor something! Anything!

Installing and running Nagios/Icinga is pretty straights forward 
especially if you are comfortable at CLI and know how to stop and start 
stuff but even that is not really important as the documentation is 
pretty good, not perfect, but good.

Because I'm not a sysadmin I'm really in truth playing/checking it out. 
I only have a couple of machines to play with here at work so my options 
are limited.

[Andy Jewell]
That piece of crap check_mk I cant get the ckeck_mk_agent.exe to install 
on the W7 box (dick_turpin shakes fist) even my trusty voodoo curse 
"Install_you_Bastard" has failed :-(

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