[Wolves] OT : need to find power supply for external hard drive.

Mark Croft croftyboy at googlemail.com
Sun May 16 18:36:45 UTC 2010

lets all chill out a bit on this , its not like it will stop the earth
from spinning.

just needed a bit of advice on hardware that i was unsure about and
was a bit confussed about where the hard drive sounded knackered but
then came to life on another machine running ubuntu 9.10. Could it be
done too a different kernel? My machine (where it was sounding like it
knackered on) is runing ubuntu 9.04.

Anyway no luck picking up anything from the carboot cos it was off for
some weird reason , indoor would have been good today cos all the ones
in fields would have been called off cos of the wet weather , anyway
thanx all for the help. Been informative about it. I think i may just
get him another enclosure if can find one for around a few quid.


On 16 May 2010 10:43, Kevanf1 <kevanf1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey guys!  Chill!!!  It's only a friggin' portable HDD at the end of
> the day :-)  This is starting to remind me of my very early days on
> the web when I got third degree burns at every turn ;-)
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