[Wolves] OT : need to find power supply for external hard drive.

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon May 17 09:32:39 UTC 2010

On 17/05/10 10:25, Stephen Parkes wrote:

> PS.  Don't let the weirdo section claim OS2 was any good only warp was
> worth the media and that's only because windows 3.11 was so bloody
> useless.

OS2 was awesome you weirdo.

> you wish you had grey hair :P

True, mind you I doubt it would make me even more attractive that's 
impossible :-)

> lol, no comment.  Nobody ever offers me full-time work because they
> know I'm such hard work :)

No its because everyone hates you, even that tramp who used to live on 
the roundabout hated you.

> Wolves LUG spans dimentions and you knows it la.

Not anymore, I only saw 3 people from Wolves-Lug in Liverpool two 
weekends ago, friends made it from America, Sweden and Germany.

> I didn't say time served on list.  I said time in.  You said you'd
> been in business for 30 years (30 years ago I was into riding my
> grifter and pretending it was a motorscooter to go with my Fred Perry
> t-shirt and crew cut, I'm pretty sure this makes me the winner of this
> one :P ) and used linux for 10 (10 years ago I was contracted to the
> UK's top linux consultancy to write a kernal driver for solid state
> memory devices, you win this round it would have been more fun coming
> to linux for the first time)  ;)

Hm grudgingly, fair enough, mutter mutter

>> Wow what a pissy little shit I am or am I?
> Yes you are a pissy little shit but you hide it well by pretending you
> are just playing.  We all know the truth though so you can quit
> pretending :p

Up your ugly

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