[Wolves] OT : need to find power supply for external hard drive.

Wayne Morris waynelists at machx.co.uk
Mon May 17 09:38:12 UTC 2010

  Apologies to all who said 'leave it" but I to this I retort:

On 16/05/2010 04:55, Peter Cannon wrote:
> On 05/15/2010 09:34 PM, Wayne Morris wrote:
>> Careful, or some touchy bugger who does this for a living will tell you
>> to stfu, whatever that means ;-)
> It means Shut The Fuck Up
I was TTP - Taking The Piss.....

>> I did put that point, but he didn't like it.
> No I did not like this quote, trying to drum up support are we?
Why should I want to, your diagnosis was wrong - before the OP came back 
and said it was wrong.
Blagging "this is what you do for a living, I know ", doesn't make you 
right - you said "bin the hard drive, its failing, I know"
You would have cost the poor bloke a hard drive cos 'Pete knows best'
You were wrong, live with it.

>> And you don't know about power requirments for usb ;-)
> True I can be grouchy sometimes however I would not attempt to make some
> one look stupid which is what you did and obviously thought was clever
> by the wink emote and are still endeavoring to do by 'leaping in'
> (Remember that statement do we?) on this comment.
Of COURSE I remember it - and I made it for TWO reasons - and the 
'clever' bit must have gone whoosh:
1) You were being a cock - "I know best, I do this stuff" - yet you were 
wrong - don't play the cock if your answer is wrong.

and more importantly it was a wink between me and you that I will be 
quite happy reminding/telling people about now.

2)  Remember about five or or more years ago when you first joined this 
list and couldn't get Linux/USB/Bluetooth working with your mobile phone
and someone sent you a brand new usb bluetooth adaptor by mail free - 
and you sort of got it working but didn't thank the person who sent you 
£30 worth of hardware
for nothing? You didn't understand USB then?

Oh, that was me.... so the wink was  - "remember USB" - we've been there.
Of course, if you choose to have a dig at my help - oh well .

> I can keep this up for a life time. I've had 49 years worth of practice!
> _
Yes, I know you;re a stroppy bugger, but I can answer your muppetry for 
a lifetime - keep practising .


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