[Wolves] OT : need to find power supply for external hard drive.

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon May 17 10:16:25 UTC 2010

On 16/05/10 23:22, Wayne Morris wrote:

> I was TTP - Taking The Piss.....

No you wasn't nice try

> Why should I want to, your diagnosis was wrong - before the OP came back
> and said it was wrong.

It not about Diagnosis, there is nothing 'wrong' in getting data backed 
up. Do I really need to google and paste links for clicking drives 

You are partly right in respect of power for USB1 or 2 devices but wrong 
in your perceptions.

Nobody has answered if the 'device' is USB1 or 2 (I suspect its 2) and 
what USB designation the two machines are. Historically it is a hardware 
and software combination failure of USB1 & 2 compatibility getting an 
external power lead will very likely *not* solve the readability issue.

> Of COURSE I remember it - and I made it for TWO reasons - and the
> 'clever' bit must have gone whoosh:
> 1) You were being a cock - "I know best, I do this stuff" - yet you were
> wrong - don't play the cock if your answer is wrong.

As far as I'm concerned my statements are not wrong.

> and more importantly it was a wink between me and you that I will be
> quite happy reminding/telling people about now.
> 2)  Remember about five or or more years ago when you first joined this
> list and couldn't get Linux/USB/Bluetooth working with your mobile phone
> and someone sent you a brand new usb bluetooth adaptor by mail free -
> and you sort of got it working but didn't thank the person who sent you
> £30 worth of hardware
> for nothing? You didn't understand USB then?

Oh yes I did.

Oh what you want some money? No problem.

> Oh, that was me.... so the wink was  - "remember USB" - we've been there.
> Of course, if you choose to have a dig at my help - oh well .

Nope I dig at your insult that is all.

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