[Wolves] OT : need to find power supply for external hard drive.

Stephen Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Mon May 17 10:51:38 UTC 2010

On 17 May 2010 11:29, Peter Cannon <dick_turpin at archlinux.us> wrote:
> On 17/05/10 11:01, Stephen Parkes wrote:

> That wasn't a fan it was a TNT driver, tut

she was a bit young :)  Talking of which who uses ANC to deliver
parcels they couldn't deliver their promises on a stable and fair
South Africa.

> As you know I walked away for a couple of years too, actually it does
> you good and makes you realise that there are far broader horizons out
> there than Wolves-Lug

The fields are always greener but when it comes to freesoftware stuff
I prefer Wolves LUG and the developer mailing lists.  I still fucking
hate forums for tech stuff :)

> Being heavily involved with Linux Outlaws and on a number of other Lug's
> I'm amazed and just how many people had never heard of LugRadio or Jono
> et al.

We where ahead of our time and you just proved it :)  Groundbreaking.

I've had disagreements with jono in the past about how he sometimes
forgets to credit the correct sources for stuff but I don't really
think he was in it for the 'fame' or the money.  Both of which are
pretty shit.

We had a chat when he had only lived in the midlands for a couple of
weeks and I was the only other Linux user he had met in that time
about how he thought it would be wonderful if we could earn a living
from free software.

At that time that was his ambition, apart from performing on the same
stage as Anthrax, :) so with the benefit of hearing him say that
dozens of times over the first 12 months I knew him in quiet chats
that with both myself and Lee Jordan so I think he has just managed to
live his dream for the last 10 years and fund his degree at the same
time.  I can be one of the most cynical people around but I think he
just got lucky.

I put jono forward as a writer for Linux Format at their launch party
because Future Publishing already owed me money for ghost writing a
couple of things for PC Plus and Linux User a few weeks later (who did
pay me on time) when I decided that I found writing on cue completely
boring and he could tolorate it.  He did a great job of turning that
source of income during his degree into a career.

> I generally have to give a brief history of what went before even at
> OggCamp recently a number of people I was with said of Ade and Chris
> "Who are they then?".

I don't think they ever wanted to be famous either so I guess that
didn't bother them one bit :)
Being a big fish in a small pond just shows lack of ambition.  I'd
rather be swim against the flow once in a while to make things

 If you want to be famous it's better to kill your wife than do open
source stuff.   ;)

Steve 'sparkes' Parkes - blog zx-81.com

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