[Wolves] OT: Noisy external hard drive.

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Hi all,

  On the subject of clicking drives, I have two 1.5TB  external drives
which when plugged into any of my linux boxes or my windows laptop work
fine, but when plugged into my mac they both click quite a lot.  They
are formatted to ntfs and have an external supply.  I haven't worried
about the noise as they both appear to be working fine, and they both
work perfectly elsewhere...

  Would you say this is a 'foible' of the mac trying to handle NTFS or
should I be concerned?


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Could also be the "acoustic management" setting, or it could be some process constantly writing small amounts to the disk, and doing a "flush drive write cache" op.

On Linux, you can use hdparm to view/fiddle with the settings. Be careful before you change anything!

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