[Wolves] Clonezilla

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Nov 9 11:02:29 UTC 2010

Hi All

I've never used Clonezilla and I know nothing about it.

1. Does it format the drive you wish to store the image on?
2. Is it OK for the storage medium (HDD) to be FAT?
3. Can you only 'see' the images with a Clonezilla disk?

IMO the Clonzilla site is pants for explanations I downloaded it but of course it gave me the 64bit version when I needed the 32bit one, and that took some hunting down. I booted the machine I want to snapshot with the CD in the drive and the external USB 200GB HDD attached (FAT) I want to snapshot a W2K Server transfer that image to the 200GB drive then do some jiggery pokery with the images that's not important to talk about here (Yet).

Clonezilla saw the 200GB external drive, as far as I am aware it imaged the W2K and copied said image to the Ext HDD however after two passes (C: & E:) the external drive was suddenly empty even of the FAT partition? I had a hell of a game formatting it again.

I intend to try again this afternoon just wondering if I'm doing anything wrong or am I not understanding what it does?

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