[Wolves] Network routing problem

Nigel R nigelren at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 29 16:25:18 UTC 2011

I've had a few problems working out how to set up routing on Ubuntu - probably more a standard linux congifuration thing than anything Ubuntu though.

I use virtual machines ( using KVM ) and sometimes on multiple machines, it's OK when a virtual machine on server A wants to talk to another virtual machine on server A, but not had much success with it talking to a virtual machine on server B.

So for example - server A ( ) gives out IP addresses in the range, server B ( uses  So I want a virtual machine with address to talk to a machine with address  I have tried using route, but I ended up going round in circles as to where to put it - what the gateway should be and I'm sure it must be simpler than I'm making it.

I can change any of these ranges or addresses if it would help - but it's not something that I can try and see what happens as it'll take a while.

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