[Wolves] IPv6 tunnel - was "It's the end of the internet as we know it"

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Fri Feb 11 15:35:31 UTC 2011

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On 08/02/11 12:46, Ron Wellsted wrote:
> On 07/02/11 23:59, Adam Sweet wrote:
>> On 05/02/11 16:27, Ron Wellsted wrote:

>>> If that
>>> worked OK, try changing the last :2 to :1 (the other end of the tunnel),
>>> mine responds in about 30 milliseconds.
>> Destination unreachable :( This is where I got stuck.

> It does sound like the problem is the router blocking protocol 41, which
> router is it?

Its a 2Wire BT Business Hub. It seems the issue with the router
remembering which machines to forward ports to is down to the fact that
it uses MAC addresses rather than IPs for it's rules, so the rules can
follow machines around the network regardless of their IP. But that's a
side issue unrelated to this problem directly.

> Perhaps an alternative solution would be to put a 2nd network card in
> the machine (if physically possible, and configure that for DHCP/DMZ
> from the router (then Robert is your parental sibling?). Just make sure
> you firewall the relevant interface (iptables/ip6tables are you friend).

Yes, you were right. I first put the existing card in DHCP mode, told
the router to put it in DMZ mode and rebooted the machine. On boot-up it
was given the public IP of the DSL line and I could ping my IPv6 gateway:

adam at virt01:~$ ping6 2a01:348:6:462::1
PING 2a01:348:6:462::1(2a01:348:6:462::1) 56 data bytes
64 bytes from 2a01:348:6:462::1: icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=31.8 ms
64 bytes from 2a01:348:6:462::1: icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=19.6 ms

I've since added another card using DHCP, reverted the first card to
it's previous configuration and put the new card in DMZ mode and it's
all gravy. I have my original DHCP range and static IP reservations
untouched and have the tunnel running on the other card.

I'll wait a week and request my subnet.

Thanks Ron :)


Adam Sweet

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