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Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Wed Feb 16 23:54:00 UTC 2011

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On 03/02/11 15:15, David Goodwin wrote:
> We [palepurple] use voiptalk.org.uk as a SIP (well IAX) provider. They allow up to 2 concurrent calls at once - if you 'breech' this they send you an email and suggest you upgrade your account etc etc. We rarely do.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who replied and offered advice.
I got a bit pre-occupied with other things after posting and didn't get
chance to handle all of the replies individually.

We looked at voiptalk, Sipgate and a few others before settling on
voiptalk. I think we've taken the deal above which you mentioned Dave.

> Phone wise, we use Cisco 7960's.... I like them, but there are obviously loads of other phones out there that should work fine. The only annoyance with the Cisco's is that you need to upgrade their firmware/dick around to get them to support SIP as they (by default) only support some stupid Cisco protocol.

I managed to lay my hands on the two IP2006 phones, which were the nasty
no-name phones I referred to in my original post, but they're actually
not too bad since I've managed to find the mic volume setting. Haven't
really used them in anger much beyond testing but they seem to do some
things I've seen on pricy SNOMs so I'm happy for the moment.

Once again, thanks for the replies and the advice, sorry I didn't get
around to dealing with them in a timely manner.


Adam Sweet

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