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On 23 January 2011 13:51, john cope <john.cope00 at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi all. been using microsoft rubbish now for many years and after endless
> viruses and spam and stuff ive looked around for another operating system
> and found ubuntu.
> i have now been using it for a few days now and i love it! the #ubuntu-uk
> forum guys gave me your web site and here i am!
> i must say tho thats its taking a lot of time to get used to where
> everything is and what things do as i have very little computer knowledge so
> its  very steep learning curve for me, but its new yet and hopefully in time
> it should become second nature to me (hopefully).
> ive found there are a lot of people always willing to help if theres ever a
> problem which is superb! and i didnt think there were many who use ubuntu
> but it shocked me to know theres not only lots using it, but theres a lot of
> people in my area!
> anyway il quit rattling on and hopefully i can come to one of these meets
> and get to meet new friends!
> john cope (aka jonsaint)

Hi John and welcome aboard.

You say that you don't have much computing experience?  Well, I would
consider that an asset when it comes to Linux.  You won't have to
unlearn loads of Microsoft stuff.  I'll also say that I don't really
consider Microsoft rubbish just different and not as secure as Linux
or many other operating systems.  I use Windows 7 every day but
hopefully I'll get Ubuntu onto this laptop in the very near future.
I've used Linux for about 15 years now but I :-)

Take care


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